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The Modern Worker and The Commercial Debt Collection Agency

December 18, 2011 by · Leave a Comment 

The survival of any business, big or small depends on good accounts receivable management . Whatever product you produce, or service you provide, the need to keep money coming into the business, to pay employees and meet the other costs of operation, is essential.  In the thinking of many business people today, all of the accounting operations in a business are nothing more than a cost center. A  cost center is a necessary evil that consumes money rather than producing a profit. It is this kind of thinking, that undervalues the contributions of essential personnel to the success of a business, that is at the heart of so much that is wrong in the business world today.

Virtually the only type of business that would not quite fit this description is a commercial debt collection agency , whose employees produce a profit for their own company by collecting on the bad debts of a client company. Even here however, the essential services performed by support personnel in the finance area of the business may be undervalued. The utilitarian attitude that sees the employees of a business as inherently less valuable that its customers has been responsible for a great many of the hardships suffered by working people at the lower and middle income levels.

The fact that these workers may be tossed out of their jobs and find themselves pursued by companies specializing in debt recovery services is something that should make us all uneasy. Security is an elusive thing.