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Check Out Total Merchant Services

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This article was submitted by David Anderson of www.Total-Merchant-Services.com

If you are in need of wireless credit card processing, your best bet is to check out the business that we use for all of our financial services. Going in this direction can be very helpful when you are running an online business as well as an actual store. Or maybe you go to various places to sell your items? This will make it much easier, especially if you do travel for sales.  You can simply have something added to your phone that you can swipe cards with, making the payment process much easier.

The company that we use has an offer for a free credit card terminal to all of their clients. This is to help you to become PCI compliant. The upside to this is keeping the private information of your customers exactly that; private. While there is no way to 100% safeguard against a breach, they have the best level of security that we have found.

For the merchants that have online stores, you should sign up for a free internet merchant account. This will help with online credit card payments. The ease of access will make business much better. People love to shop online and your store can really thrive with the right set up! This type of account is needed for telephone orders and mail orders, as well. They will come up with the best set up for your business. You simply need to ask them about it.

Check out Total Merchant Services today!

PSI Collect Helps with Bad Debt Management

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Are you having trouble with bad debt management? You are not alone.  Many people are having trouble with collecting the money that they are owed from people. One of the sites that you should go to is www.psicollect.com

There are three reasons why this site is a good one to use.

Online access – The site provides online access to the claims that are opened in your account. Instead of waiting to hear from the company about the status of an account, you are able to sign onto your account and see for yourself. This is essential when you are trying to get the money that you are owed.

Ten days for Free – The site provides you ten free days of collection. This means if your debtor pays within those first ten days, the company will not take a percentage of the money.

Ways Around Bad Emails – Unlike a lot of other websites, if the company’s email to a debtor is returned because it’s no longer valid, they have software that will find an alternative email for that person. They do not stop when they run into a problem such as this and they dig deeper to find the right information.

It can be frustrating when someone is ignoring you and they will not pay the money that you are owed.  Going to a company that helps with business collection outsourcing and cash collection nationwide is sometimes the only way that you are going to get the money that you are owed.