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Start With Free Internet Merchant Account

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Article submitted by Total Merchant Services

If you run a business, then you certainly want to accept payment. Not everyone can pay in cash, though that would be nice if it were possible. When you are able to accept credit cards for business, your company is able to open its doors to distance sales, expanding your reach to new clients. Then the possibilities are endless and the sky is the limit.

Your company, as with any company, can accept cash from someone who walks in the door. If they want to pay with credit card, you will need to have card processing services set up. A merchant services account is the most common way to achieve this. When you make this possible for those customers, you automatically open your doors for clients who cannot walk through your doors.

Credit card processing services make it possible to accept orders by phone or Internet. That means you can advertise in paper and magazines in cities that are on the other side of the country. You can advertise through a website or email. As long as they have a major credit card they can buy from your company.


You can process credit cards online with your free internet merchant account. Today, doing business is unbelievably easy and inexpensive. This is the day of the entrepreneur, so take advantage of it and make money. Many sites offer a free internet merchant account as a trial for their services, for example Total Merchant Services. Do a quick search and you will find plenty to get started expanding your business to the online global market.

Why An Instant Background Check Can Save You Money

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Things such as an instant background check have been made far more available in recent years than they ever have been in the past.  Before the Internet really began to take off in the 2000s, background checks were something that took a little effort to be able to compile.  In some ways, this service used to be pretty time-consuming, as well as pretty costly when you compare it to what is offered in today’s market for these types of checks.  With the way we are today though with technology, these can save you a lot of money.

Looking into the background of somebody can tell you a lot about them, and can lead you to being able to not only learn about their history, but to predict what they may do as a potential employee or tenant of yours, whether you are an employer or a landlord.  If you are an employer, you could use a background check such as this to see just how trustworthy they may be handling cash receipts or something of that nature.  As a landlord, a check such as this could help you determine if the potential tenant will pay timely, or if there is a criminal background, bring trouble to your building.


There are criminal background checks for employment out there which can be utilized very intelligently to help as a prevention control against fraud.  Online tenant check services are also offered in the event that you need to quickly look up someone who is trying to rent space.  Services such as these offered by companies such as Tenant Screening Services LLC can help you prevent and deter trouble in your place of business of apartment building before it even starts.