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A Guide to Hidden Merchant Account Fees

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When it comes to merchant banking accounts, what you see isn’t always what you get. This is certainly true when it comes to the account fees that merchant banks charge for initial account setup or on a recurring basis. Some account fees are necessary, even for companies like SolidTrustPay who are very upfront with their costs. However, some merchant banks try to hide their account fees and spring them on businesses by hiding them in the contract.

Make sure you read all of the fine print before you sign a contract with a merchant bank. You also need to know what types of fees to watch out for when evaluating a bank. Here are a few hidden merchant account fees to keep an eye on:

Teaser Rates: Many merchant banks will attempt to entice customers with an extremely low rate on each transaction. Make sure you read the fine print and see if this is the permanent rate or only applies to the first few months of the service. Some merchant banks will bait businesses in with super-low introductory rates, only to jack up the rates after a short period of time.

Additional Transaction Fees: One of the ways that merchant banks such as Solid Trust Pay make their money is with a transaction fee each time one of their customers makes a credit card transaction. However, some merchant banks tack on additional transaction fees that aren’t widely publicized. One of these are PIN transaction fees, which allow merchant banks to charge extra if a credit card is used as a debit card and the purchase is made with a PIN.

Minimum Monthly Fees: The rate you are charged for credit card transactions is often based on having a minimum amount of transactions — and fees that the merchant bank will collect — each month. Even if your sales are below the limit, many banks will still charge you the minimum rate. For example, if your minimum in fees is $50 and you only generate $40 in fees, the merchant bank might still charge you the full $50.

Benefits Of Having A Serviced Office To Operate Within

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When you have a serviced office there are quite a few benefits which you will be able to take advantage of as a small business owner, or even an owner of a medium sized to larger business.  When you have a serviced office you will be able to take on far more work and be better in terms of organization.

There are some major benefits to having your own office space, whether it be actual office space or virtual office space.  The first major benefit is that you will have your very own professional business address.  When you have your own address you are going to be able to have all of your mail including checks, invoices, and everything else sent to this actual address versus a post office box or something of that nature.

You will also be able to have a receptionist who has the ability to answer and receive all of the calls and mail that comes into the office space.  This will allow you to put forth a much more professional appearance to the masses as they will feel confident and comfortable calling your office line in order to set up a meeting or something of that nature.

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How Salon And Spa Software Can Improve Your Business

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When you are the owner and operator of a salon and spa, you are always looking for a way to stay competitive and stay one step ahead of your competition.  The likely fact of the matter is that if you own a spa and salon, you are likely competing with at least a few other spas and salons that are within miles of yours.  This is the typical scenario in a saturated market, and is exactly why a salon and spa software package can really make a difference.

When you have top notch software at your disposal you can use technology to really get a good jump over competitors in your market space.  When you look at the different type of technology that is out there currently, with the latest software you have the ability to do some tremendous things with the technology.  This could be from everything including being able to handle invoices on the software, to allowing people to do web based scheduling, and so on.

The best salon software is not has difficult to find as you may think and can be set up for salons of all sizes.  Companies have put together software suites that suit every type of spa and salon.  The next type you are looking for hair salon software think about what it could mean to your business.  In the end, the investment and the potential benefits could far outweigh the costs that go along with it.

Global Money Transfer Online, How To Do It Easily

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When you decide that you need to transfer money online, there are some pretty quick and easy ways to get this done.  Wire transfers have been around for years now but it wasn’t until pretty recently that worldwide transfers of money over the Internet have really picked up steam.  This is due to the fact that for years many people simply did not feel comfortable transferring money such as that over the Internet.  They would go directly to banks or other institutions such asWestern Unionto make the money transfer.  If you want to do a global money transfer online now though it can be pretty easy.

When you think about transferring money, you need to first and foremost get all of the information ready.  You need to decide how much money you wish to transfer, and you need to also be sure that the account has sufficient funds to actually complete the transfer.  You will also need the name and bank account number of the person which you will be sending the money to.  The routing number will also come in handy so that it can be directed to the right bank.

Once you have this information you can complete a transfer of money from one person to the other pretty easily.  There are also other pay services such as Solidtrustpay that simplify this process even further.  Solid trust pay has been helping people transfer money globally online for years and can help you too with great ease and a good sense of security.