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Why in-house financing might be the best appliance financing option for you

June 5, 2020 by · Leave a Comment 

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If you’re looking for appliance financing for a refrigerator, washing machine, or air conditioner, there are a few major options you can choose from. You might take out a personal loan from online lenders, get a leasing agreement for rent-to-own financing, or participate in in-house financing through a store credit card. In comparison with the other financing methods, in-house financing provides customers with some tangible benefits that can help build a good credit history while also financing appliances at affordable rates.

All of these options can be viable, but it might take some extra work to find personal loan lenders who offer loans to buyers with low credit scores. Furthermore, it is more challenging to police loans coming from lenders who are not affiliated with banks, which means that many will fall prey to scams and unethical lending practices if they’re not careful.

In-house financing is more secure because it comes from public, regulated retail companies. It is an ideal choice for buyers with a low credit score, because it is much easier to qualify for a store credit card, and using one will even help improve your credit score so you can be approved on your next application for a credit card or loan. Depending on the retailer, store credit cards may even have lower interest rates than actual credit cards and rent-to-own financing payments.

If you’re ready to finance appliances while building up your credit history, sign up for in-house financing at Curacao. Once you’ve started an appliance payment plan, we guarantee that our interest rates will beat our competitors. In fact, if you find a lower interest rate from another retailer, just show us the pre-approved offer or recent billing statement, and we’ll beat it by another 0.25%!