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5 Entrepreneurs Provide Business Tips to Inspire

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Highly influential and successful entrepreneurs all started with one step in the direction of their visions and dreams. They took a chance and they sometimes failed or took a wrong turn but the difference is that they did not let that stop them. They learnt from those lessons and put them to use in building their empires.

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fame has this to say about succeeding in business “The biggest risk, is not taking any risk. In a world that is changing quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.”

Wesley Virgin is a self-made millionaire, entrepreneur and Internet personality. Wesley Virgin has some powerful YouTube videos that he uploads to help ordinary people follow his lead and become millionaires. Wesley Virgin added “Even though you decide to go right, I don’t want you to live in the past, but you have got to be accountable. Take responsibility today and be accountable.”

Reid Hoffman co-founder of Linkedin believes that you need to find good people because he says that who you are with is who you become, and he is noted in saying that “the fastest way to change yourself is to hang out with people who are already the way you want to be.”

Arianna Huffington believes that you need to face your fears. Everyone has fears and meeting them head-on, it is difficult but to move forward in life and business it must be done. She has been noted to say that she found fearlessness was like a muscle — the more she exercised it, the stronger it became.

Walt Disney says “take action because the world is full of great ideas, but success only comes through action and that the easiest way to get started is to quit talking and start doing. That’s true for your success as well.”

Develop Your Own Plan to Create Abundance in Your Spiritual Life

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The article was provided by The Global Spiritualist Association

How to begin the journey of creating abundance in your spiritual life—that it is the question that most people have. First, we must realize that achieving good spiritual health is just as important as financial and physical health. As we move forward, we can learn and grow. Try these little nuggets of truth on your journey.

Start with a great plan. Ask yourself why, who, what, when and how. If there are other members in your household, then be sure to involve them as well. And put little milestones in place along your journey to give yourself rewards.

Know your direction-The uncertainty of getting to the destination creates apprehension and anxiety, so try to be as specific as you can about where you’re going. This can empower you.

Seek the right help from the right person-This would have to be one of the smallest things to do and yet one of the things that most people get wrong. We go to people whom we think have become very wealthy or perceive to be wealthy, only to find that they don’t know a thing. They’re whole lifestyle is heavily mortgaged, and they can’t give you sound advice.

Even if the person is wealthy, how do you know that the advice he or she will give you is right for your situation. Try watching some enlightening videos or reading books from proven successful and wealthy people with strong spiritual lives.

The Global Spiritualist Association was founded by teacher Zhang Xinyue in the year 1999 with the goal of bringing in the best Spiritual Teachers from various professional fields around the globe. The Global Spiritualists Association is well-known for focusing on creating a platform with international impact to exchange ideas for spiritual growth.

How to respond to negative reviews

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Article provided by Revdex.com

Negative reviews are common and in some cases, customers are more likely to review a product if they have faced a negative experience. Negative reviews can discourage small to medium-sized businesses, especially if the business is relatively new.

Responding correctly to negative feedback can be an opportunity to strengthen customer relationships and fix processes to reduce customer dissatisfaction.

Using the following steps to address a negative review can allow the business to win back a customer while maintaining its reputation.

Understand the problem and take responsibility – Avoid taking negative feedback personally, instead acknowledge the problem and empathize with the customer.

Respond quickly – Reputation management software can help a business stay on top of reviews by sending alerts when new reviews arise. Good business policies will involve responding to a negative review within an hour of posting.

Apologize – Tell the customer that you are truly sorry and that you are looking into why the incident has occurred. This will calm the customer and encourage them to speak openly about their experience.

Avoid excuses – If there were reasons why the incident occurred, for example, the business’s systems were down or there was a blackout, you can let the customer know. However, inform the customer that this is not an excuse for causing them inconvenience.

Request for personal information – Give the customer your personal information and ask them for theirs using private communication channels. This can help to continue the conversation and offer compensation privately.

Compensation – Offering compensation in the form of a refund, a discount on their next purchase or a gift can improve and strengthen the customer relationship.

Revdex is an online business directory. Revdex’s aim is to improve the connection between consumers and businesses. They provide the customers with an opportunity to browse and post negative complaints and reviews about businesses and they make it easier for their voice to be heard by the companies.

Consumers can report internet scams or file complaint about health products.

Why in-house financing might be the best appliance financing option for you

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Blog provided by Curacao

If you’re looking for appliance financing for a refrigerator, washing machine, or air conditioner, there are a few major options you can choose from. You might take out a personal loan from online lenders, get a leasing agreement for rent-to-own financing, or participate in in-house financing through a store credit card. In comparison with the other financing methods, in-house financing provides customers with some tangible benefits that can help build a good credit history while also financing appliances at affordable rates.

All of these options can be viable, but it might take some extra work to find personal loan lenders who offer loans to buyers with low credit scores. Furthermore, it is more challenging to police loans coming from lenders who are not affiliated with banks, which means that many will fall prey to scams and unethical lending practices if they’re not careful.

In-house financing is more secure because it comes from public, regulated retail companies. It is an ideal choice for buyers with a low credit score, because it is much easier to qualify for a store credit card, and using one will even help improve your credit score so you can be approved on your next application for a credit card or loan. Depending on the retailer, store credit cards may even have lower interest rates than actual credit cards and rent-to-own financing payments.

If you’re ready to finance appliances while building up your credit history, sign up for in-house financing at Curacao. Once you’ve started an appliance payment plan, we guarantee that our interest rates will beat our competitors. In fact, if you find a lower interest rate from another retailer, just show us the pre-approved offer or recent billing statement, and we’ll beat it by another 0.25%!